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Access and reception personnel

For companies that have a controlled entrance or telephone and visitor reception, Ara Vinc provides a staff of highly qualified professionals to carry out this service.


    • Daily opening and closing of premises.
    • Control over entry and exit of authorised personnel.
    • Reception of mail, goods and other deliveries.
    • Attending to, informing and accompanying visitors.
    • Overseeing the general condition and functioning of the premises.
    • Overseeing the fire protection system.
    • Safeguarding the keys of the building, goods and equipment.
    • Information and orientation in the event of earthquakes or other types of emergency, following established protocols.
    • Control of the flow of visitors according to the company"s instructions.
    • Telephone reception and call forwarding.
    • Mail reception and distribution.
    • Carrying out specified administrative duties.


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